Importance of Information

Consequences, as the products of decisions, govern success and failure, causing businesses to prosper or stagnate. Decisions (and their eventual outcomes) are built upon a foundation of information. Sound decisions depend upon a foundation of information that is multitudinous, as well as, credible and accurate. Much can go wrong when decisions are founded on unreliable and erroneous information. However, significant demands must be met, and complex decisions must be made. You need to be confident that the actions you are taking to improve productivity and bolster effectiveness are being based on sound decisions that are in agreement with dependable information.


In "the world of data," what does unreliable mean? What are the challenges faced when mining for the practical intelligence lying latent in endless records of incongruent data?

The challenges can be as basic as inconsistent spelling, inconsistent formatting, or no formatting at all. Sometimes, formatting creates harmful truncations that warp the data. Inconsistencies can be as simple as keying errors from the initial point of input or basic syntax errors.

In addition, company name matching produces very particular challenges. One company may have many highly varied names for many purposes: legal, commercial, or otherwise. Another difficulty is the presence or absence of words like "LLC" and "Inc." This leads to the presence or absence of abbreviations, which are numerous in and of themselves. These examples are just a few of the barriers that can attempt to stand in the way of a timely delivery of powerful and understandable intelligence.

Solutions Through Capabilities

Before the question of gained insight can even be asked, consistency within the data must be established. OTF Tech has developed exceptional parsing and cassing processes to standardize contrasting records, as well as, unparalleled matching capabilities to increase efficiency and quality in the integration processes taking place between extensive databases and client files.

Memory Matching is an application that can "remember" duplicate records, saving valuable time within the matching process, thus providing quicker results directly to the user. Our Best Records Process amalgamates similar entries by "choosing" the most reliable and trusted information from each. This, in effect, creates a superdatabase with highly reinforced records constructed to meet specific intelligence needs. While these "thinking" capabilities take initiative to assist in the delivery of truer matches along with faster results, OTF Tech's Keyless Matching spearheads its unique matching capabilities and delivers the meaningful results.

As a means of delivery, OTF Tech's longevity in the industry has allowed for the development and fine-tuning of a rapid rollout system consisting of individually tailored solutions. From writing software to launching a self-sufficient user-friendly web application, OTF Tech works alongside clients to ensure unshakable ability and sustained flexibility. OTF Tech and its clients reach these goals together through scalable technology frameworks, adapting to increased demands so that you can be confident you're investing in a system you won't outgrow.