OTF's proprietary keyless matching technique provides rapid association of disparate databases without the use of common keys.

  • Incoming Data

    Data is presented to the match environment, from either internal or external sources.
  • Sales Lead
    ABC, Inc1523 N.Green St.
  • Structured & Standardized

    The data is structured and standardized using pattern recognition and glossaries.
  • Evaluated with Match Algorithms

    Incoming data is evaluated with the Match Algorithms to create Match Transformations.
The OTF matching technique prepares and maintains a set of Match Metadata for one or more base files.
Match algorithms are selected and customized based on proprietary components for each application, based on specific business objectives.
  • Match Transformation

    Match Transformation data is compared against the base file's Match Metadata to locate a match.
  • The match process is completed for a single record with sub-second response.
  • Pre-Evaluated Matching Transformations based on Proprietary Match Algorithms, pre-indexed for high speed access.
Accounts Database
Austin Sports1235 South 13th Avenue
Able Bodied Carpenters1523 North Green Street
  • Enterprise database that will be used as the basis for matching.

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